Find your size

The Flipbelt comes in seven sizes.  As with all running belts and workout belts, to get the most out of your Flipbelt, you need the right size. The right size will ensure that the belt doesn´t bounce or ride up. A comfortably snug fit is what we recommend to everyone trying on our running belt. Depending on where you want to wear your FlipBelt, the size will vary.

Make sure to measure your circumference where you plan to wear your FlipBelt. Your hips and waist may have different measurements.

After measuring your circumference, select the FlipBelt size that allows you to fall in between the Unstretched Circumference and the Stretched Circumference. 

If you want a snug fit, aim to be closer to the Stretched Circumference. 

If you want a looser fit (for example, if you plan to wear the belt over layers of clothing) aim to be right in the middle.